Headline Reads Motels Attracting Martians

I was driving along in my car today when I caught a fragment of a news story on the radio.

Now I can’t tell you much about the story because my mind was elsewhere, but I caught a fragment of a phrase and listened long enough to discover they were discussing the potential for locating the world’s newest commercial orbital launch site in Brownsville, Tx.

I can’t tell you exactly what was said or what my brain heard.  I can tell you that what ever it was my subconscious mind decided it was an opportune time to submit humor to the rest of the brain for my personal entertainment.    The thought that popped into my head is therefore a little on the crazy side.

But first, let me tell you why on some levels it makes good sense.

Let’s start with the debate on alien life form. Is there intelligent life out there or isn’t there?  I personally think we take ourselves a bit too seriously if we truly think we are the most advanced beings in what is so far turning out to be a pretty big universe.  But that’s neither here nor there, because the question is what matters and thus far it’s gone unanswered.  Some say yes, some say no, some believe they’ve been abducted, some believe aliens built the pyramids in Egypt.   Still, we really don’t have a definitive answer.

Let’s jump now to the economy.   Stick with me here…

While the economy is rebounding in many ways, we have a long way to go.  I think everyone would agree that adding jobs is a good thing.  People want to work.  Having jobs injects money into the economy.  Yadah yadah.

Construction is a viable industry to create jobs with.   Right?  And tourism is another industry that most cities seek to capitalize on.  Where there is tourism there are entertainment venues, and restaurants and lodging required.   More people, more jobs, more money.

Now, considering all these quite logical things, I think my crazy thought has a least a small particle of potential.

So what was my thought?

Let’s build some hotels for aliens.   That’s right!  Something that really says welcome and have yourself a good time on Earth!

Why?  Because we need to create jobs and we all want a final answer to whether or not there is intelligent life out there somewhere.  And if when you really think about it,  everybody knows……

If you build it,   they will come.

At this juncture after hitting enter I lean back in my chair, take a sip of coffee and I have to wonder,  does this make it too obvious that I was born in the state of Iowa?  🙂



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