45 Ways to a Kick Ass Life — The Good Men Project

45 Ways to a Kick Ass Life — The Good Men Project.

Somewhere there might be an unwritten rule that to be a truly serious blogger you need to write ALL of your own material.

That’s just nonsense. When I find something I like, I’m going to share it and spread the word!     Blogging, after all, is about sharing our thoughts and ideas and sometimes sharing someone else’s thoughts and ideas is just as valuable as pounding them out on the keyboard yourself.

Sure ..I know  we are inundated with self help articles and advice every day of our life.   Still, I happen to like this list of 45 ways to a kick ass life.

Why? Well, for one, I kind of fancy the idea of a kick ass life! But more than that, a few of the points made in this list really resonate in my own life.   Hard lessons learned and to be truthful maybe a few that I still need some work on.

My favorite? #23.

Be eccentric now. Your eccentricities are often the surface of your talents and gifts. Love being weird. Weird is awesome.

Yes, weird can be awesome! And.. I’m all about finding awesome in life and awesome in others.   How boring to be someone too cool to be weird.     Do I want to be so concerned with  what others think that I won’t allow myself to freely be ME, quirky and all?

One of my favorite things is watching people. I always enjoy the quirky, eccentric, full spirited ones the most.  I love compassionate people,  and creative people and intelligent people and down to earth people.   I love so many different types of people, but what is more fun than watching someone break into song in the supermarket check out line? Or the individual sporting a style that breaks all the conventional rules of fashion?

Recently I listened  to a broadcast of Ideas Worth Spreading on NPR. (Ted Radio Hour) A young girl, was giving a talk on a website she created.  A long and interesting story to try to retell, but the short take on it is that from my perspective she, in all her brightness and her willingness to dare to be different, wanted to reach all girls struggling to be themselves and meet the world around them with a fierce strength and an open heart.

In her closing statement she said,  “I only have one bit of advise for you.  Be Stevie Nicks.”   I literally laughed out loud.   It took me completely off guard.

Be Stevie Nicks. Seriously, what absolute brilliance from this 17 year old girl.   She gets it. Or at least she gets something important in life. Weird is ok. We are all weird in one way or another. In fact, there is no weird.   Well, maybe the real weird is trying to conform to what others think we should be or trying to be something we really are not.  And if that’s the case,  I’m certainly guilty of being that kind of weird at various times in my life as well.   Very unhappy times of my life.   I’ll take eccentric any day of the week over that.

I love Stevie Nicks.  For her talent, for her quirks, for her style. For the power she is not afraid to show on stage, for letting herself become the music, for her willingness to share her struggles and her train wrecks. For not being afraid to be fully human even when she is terrified of being fully human.  Many of the same reasons the young girl doing the Ted Talk, loves her as well.


So, in the search for AWE I have gathered three very good lessons this week. Be eccentric now.   Contemplate all 45 ways to a kick ass life. Because sure as sunrise, there is something I probably need to learn on that list.   And… be Steve Nicks-like.    Which really means, have the  passion and courage to overcome fear and reveal every ounce of quirky inside me. 🙂



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