1Curiously Inspired and HAPPY to meet you!

Welcome! Come on in, put your feet up, make yourself at home.

This blog space is my own personal corner of the universe and guests are always welcomed. It’s a space that draws it’s life from the everyday reality I live in. For example the slightly distressed but solid oak desk I’m setting at. The bookshelves I love dearly standing at attention behind me, holding treasures that wait for my frequent visits. Or, even the steaming cup of Maple Walnut Coffee setting in front of me. The events I witness or participate in, the news that causes me to stop and think or shake my head in wonder.

It’s also a space that draws it’s life from the imaginary spaces within me. All the dreams and visions, questions and oddly quirky thoughts that rattle around in this vastly wide (notice I don’t say empty) space called my mind.

Here my two worlds, both tangible and intangible, converge and form the ever changing landscape of my world. My office/library one moment, maybe a far off land the next. Raging curiosity today and perhaps a passionate rant tomorrow. I never know what the weather here will be or where the journey will take me. I never stop thinking. It seems I never stop searching.

To tell the truth, I have no idea how far this “space” might expand or contract. In fact, I have no idea if I will be back tomorrow or the next day or…well, ever. Between you and me, I’m not always as disciplined as I like to think I am. Just don’t tell anyone I said that.

But, it’s true. I admit it. I’m an obsessive compulsive with an equal dose of procrastinater. How’s that for your initial indicator of my potential weirdness? lol Still, I realize that blogging can take a certain degree of discipline so I’m here to tell you I am certain to be a random blogger. Oh yes, discipline will be attempted but don’t be surprised if random wins out 🙂

Never the less, there always seems to be something zigging and zagging around in the vault, with even more stuff popping up everyday. Which to me, is a perfectly good reason for blogging. Right? What better solution to your endless mind traffic than to create a parking space for some of it?

So, the first order of business was naming the blog. I didn’t want this important task of naming the blog to become overwhelming or intimidating. I wanted it to reflect who I am. I didn’t want it to be too formal or too sterile or too cute or too… well, you get the picture. I just wanted it to feel natural. I didn’t want a theme or a purpose though I realize that the bloggers who have the huge followings, generally accomplish those things.

I knew only a couple of things when I made the decision to start this new blog. (I’ve blogged a time or two before, only with more private subject matter. I guess you could say more journaling than blogging) This time I knew that I wanted a place to connect and share. A place to talk about things that interest or amuse me. Someplace to share what inspires me and someplace to ask questions and get feedback.

I’m curious, I’m looking for inspiration and connection. Curiously Inspired seemed like a logical choice. But only after I ruled out a couple of other pretty catchy names…

Normal is Over Rated.
I’d Rather Be Interesting.
My Big Girl Panties and All.
Lace Panties and Beer Nuts.
Holy Underwear and Other Inspirational Nonsense.
Nutty Buddy.

Ok, you can begin to see why none of these made the cut..lol

So, now I have done it! Signed Up, chosen a name, filled in the About Me page, AND…..posted my first post. It’s official, I have started the blog. What follows is unknown.

Now, since this first post didn’t really accomplish anything other than to welcome you and hope you might drop in again, I’d like to leave you with a YouTube video that I’ve recently enjoyed…

The only thing I can add would be these words….
Please just do it! It changes the world, it changes you. It’s the right thing to do. The smallest gestures matter.

Woooohooooo!! Have a great week!


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